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Electronic access advantages over traditional mechanical lock systems

We understand that your home or office is important to you, and urge you to consider a few of the key benefits of access control systems when determining the right level of security and protection that you need.

1. Electronic keys are extremely difficult to duplicate. While physical keys can fall into the wrong hands and be easily manipulated, copied, and distributed, such is rarely the case when keys come in an electronic form. Electronic keys can be duplicated, but such an instance requires a great deal of knowledge, skills, and sophistication, making cases of electronic duplication much more difficult to achieve and much more rare of an occurrence, offering your home or business an extra layer of protection.


2. You never have to worry about losing your key. Because access control requires no physical key, you never again have to worry about losing your key or forgetting it somewhere and locking yourself out of your home or business. Along those same lines, you don’t have to worry about carrying multiple keys around with you or remembering multiple codes, because your code is individualized by user, not by door, so the same key code will grant you access anywhere you need it. If you are a operating a business, providing new employees with a key is as simple as programming them a new key code.


3. Access control is customizable for each user. Access control allows you to minimize your exposure to risk by never granting more access than is absolutely required for each specific user and in any given situation. With access control you can quickly and easily set user-level controls by either specific location or time. Want to give your employees access to the building but only between the hours of nine and five? Or do you want to give your employees access to the main building but not to the manager’s office or certain other off-limits areas? Access control can not only do this, but it makes it easy too.


4. Electronic keys allow for remote access. Easily one of the most convenient benefits of access control, your system can easily allow you to “buzz in” individuals when you are not there to do so yourself. Is one of your kids locked out of the house, but you are still at work and cannot let them in? Want to let your neighbor in the house to check on things while you are on vacation? Or maybe a tech or contractor needs access to a certain area of your office building, but no one on-site has the proper level of access to let them in. No matter where you are, with access control you can provide access to your residential or commercial residence remotely, and always know who is coming and going at all times.


5. Access control allows for history logging. Access control provides you with added security and greater peace of mind, because every time access is granted to your property it is logged and recorded for later review, if necessary. This feature of access control is absolutely invaluable during investigations of vandalism or theft, or even for simply tracking the activities of suspicious employees or family members that you want to keep an eye on.


6. Access control can be a more cost effective solution. While traditional mechanical locking hardware provides a high level of security, it’s not always cost effective or efficient. If tenants or employees leave in high turnover environments, locks have to be re-keyed, and new keys must be distributed. In high turnover areas such as retail businesses, restaurants, rooming houses, etc. the initial up front cost of installing an access control system will be higher than conventional lock systems but will pay for itself in cost and ease of use when adding, changing or removing access of individuals.



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