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Residential & Home

Bica’s Lock Shop understands that proper residential & commercial locks and security measures can give your family and business peace of mind and confidence whether you are in or away. Bica’s Lock Shop has over 45 years of experience in securing and protecting homes in Ravenna, Kent and the greater Portage County area.

House Lockout

Emergency service to get you back in to your home. Serving all of North East Ohio.

Garage Locks & Ironwork

Service to change, add or repair all types of garage or storage shed locks. We also offer ironwork, window baring, gates and specalized welding, on or off site.

Locks Change/Repair

Service to change or repair locks of any kind for any application. We specialize in the repair of vintage, historic and unique locks.

Rekey/ Master key

Offering service to master key your home to all one key or to have seperate pass keys for guests or contractors to ensure security.

Duplicate Keys

We can make duplicate keys for virtually every house, apartment or business door.  We specialize in mechanical, skeleton, tubular and antique keys.

Non-Destructive Entry

We provide unlocking service for all types of lock and combinations. We can unlock and make keys for just about any tyoe of application.

Total Home Security

With over 40 years of experience in the locksmithing business, our team can evaluate your total home security needs. From door and window locks to specalized ironwork and gates.

High Security & Access Control

We offer a wide selection of super high security entrance locks with high security and registered keys. Access control with key cards and logged entry.

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