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Over the years (since 1971 to be exact) we have had the opportunity to work on literally hundreds of safes and with dozens of safe manufacturers. In general most safe companies are very helpful and stand behind their products. Safe companies understand that a safe is a big purchase and is typically bought for a lifetime. On the other hand we have had experiences with several safe companies that are not very customer service oriented or produce what we would consider an inferior product that we would recommend that you as a consumer steer clear of to avoid unnecessary problems in the future.

Below is a listing of companies we do not recommend dealing with and a brief explanation why:

12/28/2016 Winchester Safes, Fort Worth, TX

We experienced significant disconnect with Winchester Safe Company and their customer service department.

Winchester failed to be responsive to our company when we were attempting to help a local customer with a problem with a newer safe with an electronic combination. We continue to attempt to work with Winchester to correct the problem for the customer.

1/11/2017 UPDATE: So after 14 days of going back and forth with Winchester Safe Company I was finally told that the customer will need to deal with them directly and that I would not be able to get the information needed to help the customer. Lost time, energy and my customer.

Safe Reviews

The information and opinions shared on this page are based on Bica's Lock Shop opinion over 45 years of working with safe companies and their related products.

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